Institute for Transformational Leadership

Meet Deiadre Rauch:

Deiadre Rauch spent much of her career living and working abroad. Looking for a portable career that would empower her to utilize all her diverse experiences and skills, she found her niche as a coach and facilitator.  

What’s your career story?

I started my career with ExxonMobil after graduating with a degree in Materials Science Engineering. I worked for ExxonMobil for 12 years, until the birth of my third son. After I left ExxonMobil I started working on a wide variety of international assignments. My husband also worked for ExxonMobil, and we traveled all over the world and lived for overseas for 16 years. I loved “re-inventing” myself every time we moved, but it also was frustrating to never have a linear career path. Looking back, each job that I had was a piece of the experience I needed to get to where I am now, and I am so happy that all of the pieces fit together so beautifully in the end!

Why did you choose to enroll in this program?

When I was moving back to the US from Brussels in 2012, I wanted to start a new career, one that would help me develop personally as well as use all of my past corporate and life experiences. I also wanted a career that I could move with me, as moving back to DC was my ninth relocation. One of my colleagues suggested I would make a good coach, so when I returned to DC I started looking up coaching programs. Imagine my surprise when I found one of the best programs in the country right in my back yard at Georgetown University! I made the decision to enroll after talking to recent graduates of the Leadership Coaching program, one of whom told me that even if I did the program and never coached a single client, I would still be glad I did it for the sheer personal development factor. He was so right!

What has opened up doors and opportunities for you over the years?

For me, what has opened up doors has been doing a good job at any position I was in, whether it was volunteer work or paid work, and taking an interest in people I met. I love getting to know people and matching people up with opportunities. I am a connector in that way. Being a connector for others has made many connections for me as a side effect!

How did taking classes at Georgetown impact your career?

The Georgetown programs do a great job of giving you a taste of everything in your field of study. I found this was true in both the Leadership Coaching and the Facilitation programs. This allowed me the opportunity to see the big picture of my field, and then to take a deeper dive into the areas that I attracted to. Having such an outstanding and open faculty also allowed me to follow up with them on areas of learning I wanted to deepen.

Completing both the Leadership Coaching certificate and the Facilitation certification at Georgetown made a huge difference in supporting my coaching and facilitation career. The quality of the education offered and the quality of the faculty means that you come out with a huge edge. I also found that the faculty are so vested in their student’s success, they go over and beyond helping students succeed. They are always available for questions and support. My cohort was, and still continues to be, an amazing group of people that share time, talents and opportunities with each other. Finally, the reputation of the Institute for Transformational Leadership and the Leadership Coaching program have opened many doors for me.

What are your future goals?

I would like to continue to deepen my leadership coaching practice, to add more facilitation into my business and to continue to deepen my service to others in the world. One of my future goals is to find an organization to work with that would allow me to use my skills to help others who might not be able to afford coaching or facilitation. The Institute for Transformational Leadership has a way of making you want to give back to the world. With the coaching and facilitation skills I gained during at my time at ITL, I feel that I can continue to grow, learn and be of service for a very long time. I would also like to pursue my master’s in a related field, I have a desire to pursue more education in Leadership.

Do you have any advice for others in your field?

My advice would be to deepen your knowledge about yourself and to make the changes you would like to see in yourself first. One of the best benefits of taking courses at ITL was the change that the knowledge I gained made in my own life. Making these difficult changes and growing in your own life is one of the best tools for being a great coach or facilitator! My other advice would be to take on all different types of work and clients when you first start. See what you like and what you are good at. See what attracts you and what you would like to do in your work. Trying anything that comes across your path is a great way to do that, and learn about yourself in the process!