Our Thinking comes from the lens of our experiences

Our Feelings results from our thoughts 

Doing reflects the choices we make.


Are your thoughts facilitating the feelings and actions that serve you and your company best?



Deiadre Rauch, President

Deiadre Rauch, President

Deiadre has spent two-thirds of her career living and working internationally. She maintains a truly global perspective, bolstered by assignments in London, Kuala Lumpur, Brussels and elsewhere around the world. She over 25 years of experience working as a leader both domestically and internationally.

With a degree in Materials Science Engineering from Purdue University, Deiadre is a structured thinker.  She is keenly interested in how the way we think impacts how we feel and what we do as leaders.  Deiadre’s unique blend of business experience, cultural awareness, and a love of helping people to get what they want out of life, prompted her pursuit of coaching as a profession.  

She completed the Leadership Coaching Program at the Institute for Transformational Leadership from Georgetown University and founded her company, TFD Leadership Coaching, in 2014.  She received her Professional Certification in Coaching (PCC) from the International Federation of Coaches in 2017. She is certified in The Leadership Profile 360 Assessment, the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) and the Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  Deiadre recently completed her Certificate in Facilitation from Georgetown’s Institute for Transformational Leadership, and has added both facilitation and training into her portfolio.

Prior to founding TFD Leadership Coaching, Deiadre held various leadership and management roles at ExxonMobil for the first 12 years of her career.  She then held leadership roles with the American Chamber of Commerce of Malaysia, the American Club of Malaysia, the US Chamber of Commerce’s Brussels Office, and the International School of Brussels.

Deiadre has coached clients at the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, ExxonMobil, the Peace Corps, the TSA, the Federal Reserve, the FAA and Arlington County, among others.

Today, Deiadre lives in Northern Virginia, traveling when she gets the chance and enjoying her friends and family, while also continually developing her own most authentic leadership style. As a lifelong learner in search of deeper meaning in all areas of her life, she is currently working on her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Beloved Yoga.

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Being the best leader you can be requires considering your life as a whole system. You can’t leave half of yourself at home while the other half goes to work. Thus, we apply a holistic lens – founded on science, research, and practical application – to understand how your intellect and your emotions interact. We look at your closely held beliefs and assumptions, and the lens you use to make meaning in your world.  Together, we identify patterns in the way you think about your world or situation, the feelings those thoughts create, and how you act in response to them. That understanding then becomes the basis for making the changes you want to make.

Deiadre is an outstanding coach. She has an extraordinary ability to guide executive level thinking about core management functions that quite literally determine the success or failure of small non-profit companies. Deiadre combined her long-time experience in both corporate and non-profit environments, to help me develop strategies to maximize productivity among support staff and reward excellence among my management team. She is highly professional and an absolute delight to work with.
— Ellen O'Neill, Executive Director, Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center
In my role as the Vice President of Human Resources for a 650 million dollar multi national pipeline services company, I needed to find a leadership coach for our COO who was on track to ascend to the CEO position in two years. Deiadre was the perfect fit for the assignment. Her education and training as an engineer who understands process thinking, her results orientation, her warmth, affinity for people and coaching skills all combine to make her uniquely qualified to coach leaders of all types.
— Michael Dill, Vice President, Human Resources
I’ve watched Deiadre grow tremendously as a coach. She has deep wisdom, great instincts and powerful listening skills. In addition, she illustrates complete commitment to her clients, creatively charting a course for their growth and development.
— Rae Ringel, President, The Ringel Group, LLC



Coaching comes in many shapes and sizes – and there are many contexts in which we all benefit from coaching.  At TFD Leadership Coaching, I focus on customizing a coaching program to what an individual client needs.  I offer a broad range of coaching services including:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Transition Coaching
  • Transformational Coaching

I will be happy to customize a coaching program for you as an individual, your team or your organization.  


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